Sunday, January 30, 2011

Engine Failure

Yesterday was a beautiful sailing day, under sail for 13 hours. She sail so smooth on reach. The day ended however very exciting. I usually put the engine on, a while before getting to the destination to charge the batteries (since I don't have any generator, solar, or wind). She is heeling over on starboard side and I turned the engine on. Not a good idea if the tank is low on fuel. The engine can suck in air and shut off. And then you have a vessel under no motor power. The good thing is that Earthling is a sail boat. The challenging part is to sail to your specific destination. Now the wind is also dying so I will for sure be there at night. I'm going to Miami, a busy port that i never been to. It's doable, it's an experience that I need.

This morning I woke up outside the Miami south beach. Luckily the wind is moderate. Moat of the day I was working on bleeding air from the system. Took the dinghy to the beach and picked up my friend Hamid so he could give me a hand. But I could not get the engine to start. I could not be anchored another night in those rolling waters by the beach. Thank god to TowBoatUS membership. I recommend it to all boat owners.
They towed us from the anchorage site to the bay in front of Hamid's residence. Im Fortunate I didn't have to go to a marina and pay $4 a foot per night. Life is always good on Earthling even though things happen. In the next 8 days i will stay in Miami and accomplish 4 big projects that must be done before sailing off shore to Bahamas.


  1. You will be just fine. Help is on the way, "A.L.I. G."
    3ish Saturday afternoon. The US Nassau Cup team said the winds are looking good for this Saturday & Sunday.......beghoo salaam to Hamid and Khalee Merci that he is there to help you.

    Sonie G.