Monday, February 7, 2011

First week in Miami

It has been a great week in Miami. I'm anchored in front of my friend Hamid's apartment on 79th street. The way the boat is set up is excellent. I have access to a little dock 10-20ft off the boat, there is a pool and jacuzzi on the rooftop, and Hamid drives me on his motorcycle everyday to buy supplies for the boat. It can't be better than this.
The engine is fixed and running. I took the fuel filter apart, tapped a bigger thread in the base of the air bleeding screw, and the Diesel engine started after couple attempts. Few new equipment should be here today and tomorrow, such as wind generator, fridge compressor with a freezer compartment, and propane conversion kit for the stove. On top of that my buddy Ali joined me from Dallas yesterday to help fixing things this week and we should be ready to sail to Bahamas next Monday.
Projects, big and small are never ending. Living on a boat and cruising comes with constant boat maintenance. It is more than a full time job, but the result of it is "great pleasure".


  1. Hey George tell Ali G I miss him and don't drown or be a castaway on this adventure. And check his messages once in a while. - Lis

  2. Enjoying your adventure and blog. Wish there were more posts.