Monday, May 13, 2013

Islands of Colombia

Before setting sail to San Blas, Panama, we explored more of the Colombian Islands. A picture update is better than thousands words. After Cartagena, Earthling anchored off Isla Grande, Isla Tintipan, and Isla Fuerte. These Islands are part of the Islas Rosario and and Islas San Bernardo Archipelago. We did not encounter any cruisers in any of these islands!     

Isla Grande, Del Rosarios

It’s fascinating how these houses are built on top of reefs

Palmar in Isla Grande has several hundred different species of birds. Lots of parrots are roaming free on the Island.

This dog followed us around Isla Grande and became very attached to us and vice versa. When we left back to the boat on the dinghy, it didn’t take long before she jumped in the water and swam to Earthling. We put her in the dinghy and fed her, but I had to take her back to shore and with a firm voice tell her to go home. I love dogs but don't have the space for one! 
Pacha sleeping in the Dinghy
Isla Tintipan is the most quiet, calm, and deserted anchorage with the least amount of souls around

Isla Islote Santa Cruz is the world’s most populated Island per square foot. 1250 ppl live in 90 houses on one acre of land

In Isla Fuerte they build their own paddle boats from logs of big trees. The nature is tropical with many fruit trees.

Typical House in Isla Fuerte
He was happy to give us some mangos
Home Made Canoe
Anybody looking for a boat to Cruise on :-)
Love from the Islands in Colombia


  1. Those cockatoos are not native to South America. I guess it must be an escaped pet.

    1. Perhaps, they had birds from all over the world.

  2. enjoying your cruising updates....... As Jimmy Buffet sings " Some day I will"

  3. Wonderful photos - feel like I'm almost on the trip with you.

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  5. Awesome pics! The houses on the reefs are beautiful, albeit destructive. Please post about your experiences with connectivity in and around the San Blas. We're headed down there this coming winter, but I've heard it's difficult to find cell reception or an internet connection without a half day trip to the mainland. Have fun with the Kuna!

  6. Internet is close to impossible to find. There are only a few places that have internet, will mention about it in the Kuna Yala update!