Saturday, December 31, 2016

A few moments of 2016

Earthling has been locked at the dock in Clearwater Beach, Florida for two winters now, which is a great place to be in the U.S! She has gone through some updates and getting ready to set sail to Cuba in the near future. She can not wait to sail the Caribbean Sea again. But before that, more repairs are on the list! That list is never ending!
The captain has been mostly a land lubber nomad, living between a Winnebago (Earthling Too), the boat (Earthling), and a semi truck on the road. Earthling Too has been based in Chicago in summer and fall, as a snowbird in St. Petersburg, Florida, and now stabled in Southern California. The home on wheels has moored mostly at friend’s properties, and sometimes at the truck yard or the marina, and very rarely at a RV park. And over the road, rest areas and Walmarts are favorite places to stop for the night.  I feel very fortunate and thankful to live this life! We all live different, but we should live our dreams. We are capable of manifesting anything that we can think of! There are different tools that can be utilized to manifest dreams; money comes last on the list of those tools. Dreams are price less! Our common mistake in this society is that we set a price tag on our dreams and that way we kill them! Life on this planet is not becoming easier, but we can choose to live an easier life by being more content. And the less we have the freer we are! We are here to experience life on this planet and that’s a general purpose of anyone's life! If many others and I can do it so can you! Just get up and travel to random places!
Some people are better at capturing the moment with their eyes than putting it in writing. “A picture is worth a thousand of words”
Here are some of the views and highlights of 2016. It’s happily shared with you and hopefully you can live somewhat through these images!

Sunset at Clearwater Beach, Florida
Motor Home's Base on Alex's property in St. Petersburg, Florida
Sailing Wing to Wing on Earthling, Gulf of Mexico
Sewing is one of the skills all sailors should have!

Road trip to the Florida Keys
Motor Biking in the Everglades National Park, Florida
Everglades National Park, Florida
Alligators in Everglades National park, Florida
Bahia Honda, Florida Keys
Racing in Tampa bay, Florida
Racing on Wasabi
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
Spring at the Botanical Garden in Chicago
Chicago at Summer

Prime Location at the riverfront in Chicago
The Captain became an American Citizen
2016 Chicago Mackinac Race
Happy "Joie De Vie" crew
On top of Earthling's Mast, Florida
Three Ruckers Key, Clearwater, Florida
RV Road Trip with friends through Everglades National Park, Florida
On Hudson River in New York City
Love to the mango trees at home front

A view of Tehran, Iran
Hiking the mountains in North Eastern Iran, "Akhlamad"
Akhlamad, Khorasan, Iran
Waterfall in the cliffs of Akhlamad, Iran
"Sio Se Pol" in Isfahan, Iran
By Caspian Sea, Iran
An old village along the silk road in Iran
The Silk Road, Iran
Trucking in fall in beautiful Pennsylvania
Trucking in upstate New York
Trucking in Spring in Colorado
Trucking in Colorado
Trucking among the Amish in Pennsylvania
On a Road Trips with Johnny Wanda and Babak
Skiing in Park City, Utah
Road Trip in Wyoming 
The trio on a winter Road Trip to California
Spectacular Lake Tahoe, California
Heavenly Ski Resort, Lake Tahoe, California
Skiing in Lake Tahoe
Sailboat on Lake Tahoe
Pacific Ocean, California
Boating on the Pacific Ocean, California
Dana Point, Orange County, California

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Happy New 2017
Love from California