Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bimini, Bahamas

The water is so clear you can see 20 feet down. It feels like you are in a big aquarium. We crossed the gulf stream on a north wind and made it to Bahamas. The passage wasn't as bad as I thought it might been. We saw few 8 footer waves and it was choppy in the middle of the stream. In general the passage went pretty smooth.
Today we checked in at the immigration and custom and payed the fees $$$ for cruising permit and fishing permit.
Bimini is the closest island to the U.S, it has less than 2000 in population, and they are all dependent on the tourism.
All the natives are so hospitable. Last night Navid and I went to couple of the natives houses where we met the oldest person on the island, the grandpa was 98 years old, healthy and still rode his bicycle. Everybody is trying to sell you something, you name it, they will find it. Right now is slow season for Bimini, high season is May to August, when lots of Floridans boat over for the weekend.
I'm glad to have Ali and Navid aboard. I've known Ali since I was 15-16 years old in Sweden. He is a straight forward guy, and he is extreme in his own way. He has all kind of survival gadgets. He brought his belt that he use to have in the marine. This belt holds 2 knifes, LED head light, water bottle, hat, gloves, 2 shackles, safety harness, compass and a torch.
Navid is a friend from Chicago, he is extreme in his own way, and 180 degrees different from Ali. He has his belt also, but it's a D&G belt. Navid misses his hair dryer even though he is bold. Ali has his boots on all the time because his feet are too sensitive he says. He brought 15 different underwear and socks. On top of that none of them have any sailing experience. This is a very entertaining crew.

Tomorrow we are planning to sail toward Chub Cay which is 75 miles east of here.


  1. hahahahah how did you pick the 2 most extreme people to be with you :) LOL I'm loving this :) You guy be safe!! xoxoxoxo

  2. That is hilarious - why'd Ali pack 15 pairs of underwear and socks and only two changes of clothes? He's a sissy!

    Good luck sailing to Chub Cay!


  3. Take off your boots Ali, you are going to have a weird tan line. Plus your feet will rot off in all that water.
    Miss you!