Monday, February 14, 2011

Gulf stream

The stay in Miami has come to an end. I have been working on the boat everyday since I got here. The wind generator is in place and producing energy. The fridge compressor is changed and it's working great. Each of these projects took 2-3 days to accomplish. I am so lucky that my friend Ali joined me last week and helped with all these work. Last Friday, Lee drove from Everglades to Miami to help with the wind generator installation. Few days ago my friend Navid flew in from Chicago to join us till we get to Nassau. Things are in place and we are ready to leave early tomorrow morning. We have been praying for a South or West wind, but we will make the Miami Bimini passage on a light north wind. Crossing the Gulf Stream on a North wind can be dangerous. We should be ok as long as it's not more than 15-20 m/h.
Hopefully we should be in Bimini, Bahamas Tuesday evening. I don't know how reception will be in the small islands but we will have access to wifi by next Monday in Nassau.

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