Friday, January 14, 2011

Everglades National Park

Since last update we sailed to Ft. Myers, overnighted at Moss Marina. Marty and Roy like to dock at Marinas, which is luxury to me since I anchor most of the time. The last 3 passages, we have been motor-sailing. The wind has not cooperating with us.
Right now I'm anchored in Everglades National Park close to Chokoloskee.
This area is very shallow and not so many sailboats come in here. We touch ground and almost got stuck in couple of spots before we got to our anchorage.
I would not attempt to come in here by myself. It's too shallow and I don't know the area.
We docked at Naples City Marina couple night ago. Marty left to Chicago from Naples and shortly after Lee and his friend Tom joined us for the passage to Everglades national park. Lee spends the winters down in Chokoloskee and knows the area. Tom knows the area as well. We had to come in on high tide and we still ran into couple sand bars.
The nature here is spectacular. There are mangrove islands surrounded by oyster beds. Dolphins swim left and right of the boat and life is enjoyable.
Earthling will be anchored here couple more night and I will update you more about this area.

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