Thursday, January 27, 2011


The first alarm clock didn't get me up this morning. The second one did, and it was the U.S border protection boat. They were circling around Earthling till I got up on deck. And I was boarded for the first time, I'm becoming a little more salty now. Not a big deal, they checked the registration, Identification, and searched the boat for narcotics and Cubans or Bahamians. I was going to say, I have a Persian and a Swede, but no Cubans today. I don't think that would been be funny! I did not feel comfortable to have two armed men coming aboard and search my boat/home. But that's the way it is in this world today. It's not those men's fault, they are like rest of us, modern slaves of our current system. As an Earthling, I believe that every human, born on this planet belongs to every bit of this planet. It is easy said than done. We live in a scarcity resource system. We are taught that resources are scarce. But I think there are abundant for everyone, we just need a different kind of management of distribution.
Anyhow, today was cloudy, upper 60's, and a moderate north wind that blew in the sails for 30 miles and brought me to Key Largo.

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