Monday, January 24, 2011

The Keys

After four nights in Boot Key, Marathon I wanted to move on. The route is to go up to Miami and get ready for Bahamas. I have been waiting for few days for a west, north or south wind, but mother nature is been blowing from East, south east or northeast. I decided to make a short distance under motor today. On the open water the wind was east 15-20 and waves were 3-6 feet. After 1-1/2 hour of motoring I moved only 3 miles. So I remembered that first of all I want to sail and second I should not be in hurry to get anywhere. I turned 180 degrees, furled out 3/4 of the genoa and shut the engine off. Haaaa, that's the way it should be. Moving with the harmony of nature.
Marathon is a common stop for cruisers. I have not seen so many cruising boats in one place so far. The City Marina has over 200 mooring balls, dinghy dock, showers, and available wifi in the cruisers lounge. The little Earthling dinghy took me to shore every day where I biked around in Marathon, did groceries and bought boat supplies at Home Depot.
The anchorage right now is in Bahia Honda. Earthling is the only boat here. The beach is 500 feet away. Since there will be thunderstorms and east wind tomorrow I will stay here and maybe I take a dinghy ride to the beach.
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