Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crab world

 It feels like I'm going through a mine field of crab traps. There are thousands of them. I would hate to get any of them caught on the propeller. Slalom tricks are useful in this situation. I never had the chance to exercise my slalom tricks between crab traps on a sailboat in fog. 
Eating crab is a social activity. Last week Marty treated us with some stone crab claws, it was a process breaking the shell but once you did that; the meat is delicious. The crab shells are very sharp, you have to watch out not hurting yourself. I was using a hammer to break the shell and one of the pieces flew up the air and down on my toe. Not a big deal I thought till I realized few minutes later my toe was bleeding. Anyhow, if any of these crab traps get caught on the prop and I have to get in the water to take it off, I will take the crab home. Hopefully I will not need to do that!

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