Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to Earthling life

The second leg of Earthling adventure just started. I'm so happy to be back on Earthling. Land life was getting to me. I love Chicago but 3 weeks was enough. Marty & Roy joined to kick me off for the second leg. We accomplished some project on Earthling and now we are on our way south. In the last few days, we finished installing the new high out put alternator, Marty & Roy did all the plumping on the head for overboard discharge, and a 44lb Bruce anchor with 200ft chain & line is on the bow now. I'm so fortunate to have so many good friends that help me with this voyage. At Maximo Marina in St. Petersburg I met some nice people, specifically Captain Ray & Captain Archie. Captain Ray dropped me off the airport to Chicago, picked me up, drove around for anchor shopping, braided the new anchor line and so on. Marty & Roy haven't let me spend anything since they got here. Right now we are docked at Crow's Nest Marina in Venice and tomorrow morning we are sailing toward captiva just north of Ft Myers. The dinner tonight was chicken shish kabob and basmati rice with spinach salad, made and served aboard. 
Today was chilly, mid sixties, that's chilly for being in open waters. The wind was projected to be west and northwest, not! It was on our nose most of the passage. The 48 miles passage took 8.5hrs and we were not able to have the stay sail out for more than 3 hours. The prediction for tomorrow is west winds at 10 to 20 m/hr. I hope the prediction comes true so we can sail all the way to our next destination. 

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