Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back on Earthling

First of all I want to apologize to all followers and friends that I have not updated the blog for such a long time. Life on land has been tense and full of actions. Actions that I’ve been wanting to write about but never found the peaceful alone time. I am neither a writer nor a reader. Writing to me has always been like homework. I am still working on my writing skills and this blog has surely helped me to overcome some of the difficulties. Aboard Earthling, I always had someone to help me fix my writing. Many thanks to Kelly, Nico, and Katherine. Kelly is up in the Rocky Mountains/Aspen working in her field as a hair stylist. Nico is traveling in Israel and then South East Asia for the next few months, and Katherine is coming to visit Earthling for New Years.

In the last five months, I have been working in Chicago, visited my parents, grand parents, and family in Iran, and visited my siblings and family in Sweden.
Now, I am back on Earthling on the hard, alone. I came back to a fried lizard and a fried battery. Unfortunately It was difficult to tell if it was Lizzy or Quickie, but I believe it was Lizzy and I think Quickie was fast enough to get away. The first house battery had to be thrown out and single cells in a couple of the other batteries are bad. Otherwise Earthling is in fine condition, no mice or cockroaches.

Blisters along the old water line
My full time/overtime job now is to give Earthling lots of love and attention, so she can keep me and crew safe at sea. The biggest project is to raise the water line two to four inches. She is a heavy girl and now she has even more toys. A new Lofran Tigres windlass with a wireless remote control along with 150ft of 10mm chain. Only the chain weighs 400 to 450 pounds! She got a new Wirie wifi booster/router, an arch for the antennas and solar panels, new spinnaker (thanks to Donna Hastings), truough-hull for salt water at the sink (in the past we washed dishes with salt water in a bucket), new galley faucet, radar reflector, halyards, lines, and many other small upgrades. The plan is to launch on Thursday Dec 20th and the goal is to finish most of the projects. I wish I could just pay someone to do all the work. To raise the water line cost $2700, approximately 40 hours of labor. Well if I'm lucky It takes me 70 hours to make $2700 and this job will not take me more than 70 hours, logically, I should do it myself. It’s like going to work but for yourself and it is absolutely more rewarding. 

Love from Earthling


  1. Nice to have you back, George!

    We missed you. :)


  2. I am glad you are back to Earthling. Land life sucks! I miss you and the boat. Sounds like you have some really nice upgrades, things are going to be a bit more comfortable. Hopefully see you soon!

    Firstmate Bailey

    1. You are in a good place though hun, but I know the land stress.
      Last year you were here and helped me a lot, I miss that extra hand!
      Hope to see you soon!

  3. I am glad you are back and look forward to reading about the next chapter of your travels.

  4. Welcome home Georgie.....upon Earthling where you find yourself living in harmony with the world! I am sure Earthling appreciates all the hard work and love you are giving her and I bet she cant wait to get back in the water! I look forward to kicking off 2013 with you and Earthling, on deck!

    1. Thanks love. Earthling is anxious to get in the water. Looking forward to have you aboard for New Years Eve. xoxo

  5. Awesome!!! Where are you going to be for the New Year?

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  7. I think we will spend New Years Eve at Port Louie Marina in St. Georges