Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Beautiful Homes on the Hillsid
The “Island of clouds” is the meaning of Bequia! Since Earthling anchored off Princess Margaret’s Beach, clouds have been sweeping over us in the sky with occasional sprinkles. Bequia is part of The Grenadines and belongs to the nation of St. Vincent and Grenadines.

But what is so unique about Bequia and why is it more attractive than other islands? This Island has a yachting culture and it has been a destination for sailors since the mid 60’s. Many old sailors have had good experiences and memories and therefore good words have  been spread. It appears that old money influenced this Island over the years. There are charming villas on the hills surrounding us in Admiralty Bay! It also gives the impression that Bequia has had its blooming era a couple decades ago! There are large beautiful properties along the beachfront that are vacant and are no longer in business! In addition many cute restaurants and bars along the tiny board walk give one a nostalgic sensation. One of which restaurants is Mac’s Pizzeria and since we don’t have pizza aboard we had to treat ourselves with good pizza ashore.
Katherine by the pool in an abandoned Resort

Bequians make beautiful handicraft art from clothing and jewelry to paintings. In Port Elizabeth art is evident in small boutiques, street vendors, and throughout architecture. It’s clear that pieces of material were put together with a more precise taste and thought behind it. That is to say, Bequia has a unique style and it is classic in its own way.         
Art in Architecture
Local street vendor

Katherine thinks that Bequia looks like a whale from the water and on the map! There is something to that since this island has a whaling tradition. Bequians are one of the few that can hunt whales and are allowed to catch up to four whales a year. Moreover, we have come across at least three Whale Boner restaurants. There is a whaling museum and the local artists make jewelry out of whale bones.       

During the stay here, we got to hike up to the most northern part of the Island, “Bequia head”. Along the way on the windward side, we passed by a couple beautiful deserted beaches, coconut farms, and a turtle/bird sanctuary ran by Mr. King and his wife. On their property they had tons of chickens, roosters, and goats, a few dogs, guinea birds, ducks, and one cow. Mr. King is from a Scottish decent, was born and had lived here all his life.

Mr. King and his wife
Coconut thirst quenching

Guinea Bird

Bequia is also a good place for sailors and cruisers to unite. Our friends Chris and Linda on “Troubadour” anchored a couple hundred feet from us the following night that we got here. Last time Earthling and Troubadour were united was at South Side Marina in Provo, Turks and Caicos over a year ago.    

Love from Bequia

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  1. George,
    I've been following your blog as a link from Troubador. Tell my friends Chris and Linda "Hello" from me. Tell them their blog fans are also thinking they should update theirs at least as often as you do. I enjoy reading about your adventures. Was in Bequia many years ago on my first sailing adventure.

    Dawn from Wisconsin

  2. Hi Dawn,
    I wish I could update the blog more frequently as well as some of my other friends! After a while it becomes like a job! I will present that for Chris and Linda.
    Thanks for following

  3. Hi George, I've been following your blog for a while, but haven't written until now. I like your boat and have to ask a question you probably get a lot, if you had to get another boat what would it be? I'm still trying to figure it out and think something in the 35 foot range would work for two, and thinking of mostly seeing the islands where you are now……Thanks….

    1. Hi Terry,
      As you already know space is limited on a boat! If I had to get another boat, it would probably be in the 45ft range mono hull! A boat that would have a couple berths with doors and heads! I like to give my guest their own space and privacy. It all depends on your needs, how long will you live aboard? and how far do you want to sail? I like to sail to the Antarctic and Alaska, in that case a Aluminum or steel boat would be better and stronger! For now I love sailing on Earthling and she has been serving my needs!
      I hope you get to live your dream sooner than later! We all can do it!
      Thanks for following