Sunday, December 4, 2011


What's so wonderful about the energies of this world
is that they are always being transferred,
from one thing
to another.
The beautiful souls
and open loving people,
are destined to meet if you put yourself out there.
Love them,
they will love you back.
We will meet ,
for this first time,
and again there after,
it is also hopeful.
You are the one I want to cross in my life,
as perpendicular lines
intersecting and then becoming one for a time
but still continuing on...
and meeting again in the future.
The web, circle, tree of life,
we call it.
The 6 degrees of separation...
The true meaning
with puzzle pieces missing,
even when you know and are sure,
you still continue on.
What is it that we are all thriving for,
lust, love, security, serentiny, peace, hatred, tranquillity, bad, good.
Without one there is not the other.
We shall see.

Written by: Kelly Bailey Dalton

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