Thursday, June 9, 2011

Virgin Gorda

There are charters everywhere in the BVI. Most people that take vacations in this area charter a boat, which is the best way to get around & see all the islands. The charters has an important role in the economy for the BVI's. If I ever came down here on vacation I would definitely charter a sailboat.

One of the attractions in the BVI is the "Baths" in the west end of Virgin Gorda where there are massive rocks piled on top of each other in one place. The way these rocks are laid its absolutely amazing. From the water they are beautiful.  Once you are on
shore you enter the rocks through a narrow passage between two
of these large boulders and the adventure begins.The sea and sun
make there way through the rocks to create dozens of private
beaches or "baths".  You can swim and snorkel between these
massive rocks that go 20-30 ft above & below the water. We had a nice day visit at the baths with our friend Captain Adel. He has been living and flying here in Tortola for 9 years. Adel and I have had other adventures together as well. We drove from Chicago to San Pedro Sula in Honduras 10 years ago. That was a trip I can write a book about. 

Earthling is getting hauled out tomorrow in Virgin Gorda. We will get it ready and secure it on land for the hurricane season and fly back to Chicago on Monday.
We now have an Earthling Sailor Facebook page where our pictures will be uploaded and everyone can view them! Please check it out
Love from Virgin Gorda


  1. Sorry to see you've stopped 'short' and we won't see you anytime soon! Finally Fun is in Grenada at same marina as Rasmus! Life is good after 4 months and 2,000 miles since departing Florida. Hope to see you guys on the water maybe in the Fall!
    Sharon aboard Finally Fun

  2. Hey Sharon, I'm sure we will see eachother soon. Are you staying on finally fun for the hurricane season? Say hello to Andy