Monday, June 13, 2011

Departure Time

Earthling is out of water and we lived on the boat on land over the weekend. It's a weird feeling to stay aboard when the boat is not rocking. It's like being at a very calm anchorage. The wind is blowing on the branches on the trees around us and it feels like the boat is rocking but it's not. The last few days we have been securing the boat for the hurricane season, strapping it down, taking off the sails, the bimini and dodger is removed, in other words everything on deck has been moved into the cabin.
Today, we had to leave Earthling. It was an emotional moment. I can't believe, I sailed all the way from Chicago to the BVI's. I went 1300 miles through Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Tombigbee, and Black Warrior rivers south to the Gulf of Mexico, sailed from northern Florida around the keys to Miami and cruised the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. It took 8 months and around 4000 miles and I did a good portion of it solo. It is a big achievment and maybe that's one of the reasons it feels emotional. I hope everything goes as planned and we can come back in four months and continue this adventure to further destinations.

This morning, we took Air Sunshine's private boat from Virgin Gorda to Beef Island in Tortola, where Adel flew us on his airplane to San Juan. For the first time, I sat next to the pilot in the cockpit for the whole flight, take off to landing. We are so fortunate to have many good friends that are contributing and supporting us. Air Sunshine is one of our contributors and we appreciate their support.
In the next four months, Kelly and I are going to work as much as possible to save up for the next leg. I will keep the blog updated once in a while and update you about other adventures and excitements on land. For now, thanks to everyone that has been taking their time to follow Eartlhing sailor.

Love from the sky


  1. Ah! Keep following your dreams - you'll find a way. Hope to see you as you continue on in a few months. We are in Grenada til Nov. 15, then heading back north, UP the island chain. Perhaps our paths will cross again.
    Sharon aboard Finally Fun

  2. Thanks Sharon,
    I'm looking forward to see you in the near future somewhere down the Island chain. Send my regards to Andy and I hope you guys are well.