Monday, May 16, 2011

New Friends

Everytime a door closes another one opens. Our experience in Ponce has turned positive. 
The day after the robbery both of us were frustrated and sad and just wanted to leave. But it was not right to leave a new place with an extreme negative experience.

When we were walking back to our Velero (sailboat), we saw a couple of men fishing at the end of the pier. I thought to myself... Wouldn't you like to know who's hanging around your boat?

Based on our cruising experience in different countries the last few months; Locals in Puerto Rico are less open to get to know strangers and outsiders. But once you get to know them they feel like part of your family. 
We walked over to the two men fishing. 
I said, "Hola, are you guys fishing?"
Antonio turned around with a smile and said, "Yes, we are trying."
 Later on we were laughing about the fact that I asked such a stupid question. Of coarse they are fishing!
It didn't take long before we were connected on the same energy level with "Tonio" and Carlos. 
They offered us a beer and showed empathy for what happened to us the night before. Carlos is an artist and has many beautiful paintings. Please visit his gallery ( 
Tonio is a teacher and he is a copy of my best friend, Marko Lugaric. Tonio's nick name now is Marko! 
The night ended up with all of us on Earthling till 4am talking and having a good time. Now we have new best  friends in Ponce. The following day they drove around showing us Ponce, we went up the mountains by a beautiful waterfall, stopping at a little bar to have some Medalla (Puerto Rican cerveza). The nature of this country is very tropical and up in the mountains it is a rainforest with beautiful lush greenery, vines connecting trees from every direction like spider webs of branches, and Bamboo trees. There are so many types of Mango trees here, we can just stop and have a fresh one right from the tree. 
Carlos and Tonio have been very generous and giving. Carlos came over with a framed painting that he got from a fellow artist, and  gave it to us as a gift. This beautiful piece of art was painted in 1973 by Luis Alonso in San Juan. This is the most special gift I've ever recieved, it makes me emotional to even talk about it. 

We have spent a lot of time with our new friends in Ponce. Yesterday we sailed to Cardona Island, Tonio brought Puerto Rican chicken kabob that we grilled aboard from "Ramon's pincho frente al cash & Carry de Ponce". 
It was their first time sailing and they got to experience our life style on Earthling. In a few minutes from now they are picking us up to go and get some provisioning done and do laundry.

One of our purposes as humans in life is to help each other without any expectations. Giving without expecting is returned 10 fold. 

Love to all our friends and readers


  1. Thanks for uploading the pic! I like it a lot! Saw your buddies paintings on his blog they were awesome. Just read up on all your blog posts :) and am a follower now so keep on giving George!

    Miss you much buddy, it was real nice to talk to you for a little yesterday and I hope to join you on a small piece of your adventure sooner rather than later.

  2. I am glad that you just happen to met two great people. I know them myself, they are such a good friends always making you feel welcome. You lost some material things in Ponce but you gain the best treasure someone could have, true friends.

    Karol Melissa (friend of Toño & Carlos)

  3. We were in Rio San Juan when you were there . I took a photo of a big rainbow and it is really a beautful photo of Earthling with the rainbow in the background. Pls give me your email address so I can send it to you.

    By total coincidence, I read about your experiences in Ponce, PR. I lived there for 18 years and kept my boat at the yacht club. So sorry about your problem.

    When you leave I hope you'll go to and enjoy beautiful Isla Caja de Muertos and , if you stop in Salinas ( a good harbor say hello to Frank & Marianne at Tradewinds Sails. They're a good source for "local knowledge"

    We've cruised the Caribbean for 25 years so, if you have any questions, I'd be hapy to help out.

    Glenn & Gale Patron
    S/Y Encore

  4. Ah, almost a happy ending. Glad to hear you have somewhat recovered. You are right, people are wonderful everywhere. The lousy few that are not are not typical. PS We are in St. Martin, drinking beer and using wifi with who else, Brittany & Scott! Small world indeed. Sharon & Andy aboard Finally Fun