Monday, April 4, 2011

Farwell Bahamas

The time for Bahamas just came to an end. Our last anchorage was in Abrahams bay, Mayaguana. We left Bahamas and are sailing overnight to Turks and Caicos. Bahamas was the first country outside the U.S, it made us more prepared for passages to other beautiful countries in the world. Even though I have not been cruising in other countries yet but I believe Bahamas is a safe haven for sailors. If you are ever sailing in these waters you are safe. You don't have to lock your dinghy or watch for intruders. Bahamians are not that wealthy but they are welcoming and hospitable and would not take advantage of visitors. They help you with anything you need and make sure you have a good time on their islands. In Mayaguana we were again greeted by gracious natives. For example, we asked this nice guy named Scully which coconuts would have the most fruit and water in them. He was more than happy to show us to the right palms he had actually planted 15 years ago. He show us how to break them open with our bare hands. It's hard work getting those open without a machete, but doable. Earlier on that day Scully passed by the boat with his brother returning from diving for conch and we got 6 of them freshly shelled. Conch fritters were on the menu tonight. We love Bahamas and will return here in the near future.
Love From The Atlantic Ocean

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