Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Long Island

Every island is different and unique in its own way. The nature is different, the culture of people, the beaches, and so forth. One thing that you recognize as soon as you step your foot on Long Island is the hospitality of the natives. There are so friendly and helpful. The other day we were walking down the road to nowhere and this pickup truck stopped and offered the four of us ride on the flat bed. On the back of his truck, Daniel drove us to Max's conch bar, dropped us off and picked us up again after an hour and gave us ride back to our dinghies. Daniel is one of the bright natives, bright Bahamian as they call the white people. On Long Island everybody greets you as you have an eye contact with them. And I think that's the way it should be everywhere in this world, it's nice to acknowledge the existence of another human being in your surrounding with love.

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  1. to iran hamash migan ke ma behtarin mardome jahan hastim, memooon navaz tarin adamaye donia im, khaily khoon garmim, iran ghashang tarin jaye doniast o.....
    age kasi khabar nadashte bashe fekr mikone baghie donia biaboone vo zeshte baghie mardom donia ham loo loo khorkhore haey vahshtnakan ke ba ye man asal ham nemishe khordeshooon.
    inja adat kardan ke be ma etemad be nafse kazeb bedan.....
    khosh begzare!