Saturday, March 26, 2011

Conception Island

Paradise within paradise is what conception is described as in different sources. Our experience is the same. This island has a unique energy and I felt it since we got here. The sea life is just spectacular. Different kind of sharks are swimming around the boat here and there. Conception is uninhabited, there are no houses or stores or anything manmade. But there are lots of wildlife. We saw the biggest turtle ever, and he jumped out of water and danced for us.
Within our 40hrs visit at conception Island, we also met 2 Swedish cruisers. "Unicorn" and "Snowbird" anchored just next to us. I heard them speaking Swedish on the radio and I was so excited. Anyway, last night, Anna Karin & HÃ¥kan from Unicorn and Johanna & Martin from Snowbird and our cruising friends on "Rasmus" joined us on Earthling for sunset drinks and a bowl of special Earthling soup.

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