Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ohio to Cumberland River into Kentucky lake

Dear Readers, I'm trying to get better updating the blog. Lack of data communication makes it a little difficult. In the last three days, I went northbound on Ohio River, and southbound on Cumberland river into Barkely Lake. I had to go upstream on both of the rivers but thank god the current wasn't as much as Mississippi River. Cumberland river flows from east to west into Ohio River. Cumberland river is very scenic with rolling hills and forest.

Yesterday Lee & Roy joined me in Grand Rivers, KY at Turtle bay Marina. We have been working on the mast to get it ready for rigging. We add a new Anchor light on top of the mast, ran new cords inside the mast for Radar & camera and new flag line on the spreader. Running the cords inside the mast was a project! I'm so glad to have friends like Lee & Roy. They have helped me so much with Earthling. Last winter they spend time fixing the stringers on Earthling meanwhile I was traveling to different destinations.
The goal today is to lift the mast, and I can't wait for that. Everything is ready, the radar dome is there and we are ready to go. 

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