Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final Leg, Guatemala, Mexico, and Florida

The map of Earthling's voyage, Oct 2010 to July 2014
After Guatemala and Rio Dulce, a 360 nautical miles sail on the Caribbean Sea took Earthling and her solo Captain to Cozumel, Mexico. The weather during this passage cooperated and it was smooth sailing inside of Belize barrier reef. However, I don’t remember anytime in life that I’ve been totally alone for five continuous days, without seeing or talking to anyone. On top of that suffering of some kind of food poising followed by stomach cramp did not make the emotional time easier. When you are at sea alone far away from any other human being for a longer time, all that goes in your mind is love. The love you have for everybody and everything. You think about all the lovely people that existed in your life that are not around anymore. When the school of dolphins were swimming next to the boat, it got me so excited that I was talking to them and I’m sure they understood me, because the common language for all beings is the language of love!      

The anchor was dropped off Cozumel, Mexico. Why Cozumel? because I heard so many people visiting this island and was curious to see what's here. Cozumel is around 200 sq miles flat island, it’s a popular spot because many cruise ships stop there. This is not a destination for cruisers, because the anchorage is unprotected and has fair holding! The most exciting part in Cozumel was the arrival of the first mate Katherine. She flew in for skipper’s birthday from the U.S. We got the chance to drive around the island on a scooter and check out some of the very few sites there are to see!

On captain’s 40’s birthday, sails were set and the wind and strong current brought Earthling quickly to Isla Mujeres (Island of Women). This is an island everyone should visit, because it has a great energy and vibe. First, as we were motoring into the bay to find an anchorage, we saw an identical boat as Earthling, an Islander 36’. That’s exciting, we haven’t seen a sister ship for a long time. Later on the same day we met the owner and guess what, he is from Chicago and his name is George. What a coincidence! Later, Katherine and I went to a neighborhood restaurant for dinner, as we are enjoying our meal, I turn around and low and behold sits my friend, “Michael” from Francesca’s restaurants in Chicago! Through out this day, numerous people invited us to share drinks with them. Here on the last island of this four years voyage, the world suddenly became so small on Isla Mujeres. This made the 27th of June 2014 a memorable day!   

The crew also wondered to the main land for a couple of days by car to explore what’s to see around Cancun and on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. This part of the Latin America has many Mayan ruins that are worth visiting such as Tulum and Chichen Itza. Another site worth seeing is the Cenotes, which are natural sinkholes in the ground that looks like caves and they contain a pool of water, perfect place to take a natural fresh water bath. On the way to the city of Valladolid through a small town we also saw and attended a Rodeo for the unique experience of it! 

Tulum Mayan Ruins


Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins

Conote Zaci

After the stay in Mexico, Earthling had to sail back to her motherland. From Isla Mujeres we motor sailed 600 nautical miles, following a course of 28 degrees for 107 hrs. And she arrived Clearwater Beach in Florida, which brings this chapter of Earthling voyage and the circumnavigation of the Caribbean to an end!

In the last four years Earthling has sailed more than 7000 Nautical miles, anchored off more than 70 different Islands, checked into 25 Countries, had 27 different crew aboard, and met with lots of beautiful people around the Caribbean. We feel extremely fortunate to have been able to experience all this and that Earthling is floating with her mast up and that she is safely back.  
Earthling, captain, and first mate are now taking a break for a year from sailing the seas. Meanwhile, the boat will be upgraded, refit, and repaired and in a better condition than before to set sails to new destinations.    

Much love to all and thanks for following


  1. It's been fun following your blog and sharing in your adventures. Happy to have had the opportunity to meet you in Aruba on Bob and Elaine's boat. Best wishes for a wonderful new year and fabulous adventures both ashore and on the water. Debi from M/V Renegade.

    1. Hi Debi, nice to hear from you. Best wishes to you and your adventures as well

  2. Just visiting your blog for the first time today. The Rio Dulce post led me here. My wife and I live in the Mayan Riviera and our boat, Edward Blair, is in Puerto Aventuras. This May we're going to head the opposite direction that you did, down through Belize to Rio Dulce until the winter.

    Great to see this post and photos about passing through our area, I'll be looking back through your adventure and bookmarking the page!

    This is our latest post, just prepping for the Rio:

    1. Hi Michael,
      We actually stopped by Puerto Aventuras, when we were driving down to Tulum. Puerto Aventuras is a pretty little town. I read your blog and it's sad to hear that people are so obnoxious and boarded your boat. The passage to Rio Dulce should be pretty easy as long as you find a good Weather Window. Hopefully the weather will be favorable for the time your dates are set!
      I didn't have time to check into Belize and stop there but it seemed beautiful and most cruisers spend a good amount of time there.
      I wish you a smooth sail to Rio Dulce.
      Fair winds

  3. Thanks for the update! I was wondering where you were and what the end of the story was! Awesome!!!

    1. Rob, The story will follow again in the near future! Thanks for reading