Thursday, February 21, 2013

Aruba Arriba

Another overnight, 200 mile passage brought Earthling to Aruba from Los Roques. She sailed with a full Genoa the whole distance. Unfortunately we didn’t get to stop at the other Dutch, ABC Islands, Bonaire and Curacao, since Katherine had to catch a flight back to the U.S from Aruba.
Grand Plaza

As we were approaching the South Eastern side of the island, in sight were industry and oil refinery. Close to the airport, there was a big smoke and it was the waste land fill. That’s not how you would imagine Paradise! Nevertheless, Aruba has a well known name, it’s like a brand! This Island is wealthy in it’s natural resources. First gold and then black gold, oil, was discovered in Aruba in mid 18 and early 1900s. It has been the major income of the island up till 30 years ago, when tourism took over and it’s the main industry today. Arubans are smart and very good at promoting their island. It’s one of the most recognized vacation destinations in the Caribbean. There are tourist from all parts of the world, mostly South and North Americans and Europeans. Earthling is anchored right by the airport in Oranjestad, small and large airplanes are landing frequently from everywhere. And then there are cruise ships, in and out daily. The cruising community is not big here, and protected comfortable anchorages are very few! The only place to check in with immigration and custom is at Barcadera port and it’s free. But if you decide to stay here more than five days, you have to hire an agent to declare your vessel, which can all be done at Renaissance Marina’s office for total of $70.
Pinchos Restaurant & Bar on the pier
Iguanas are Common in Aruba

The people of Aruba are rich in their culture. People from Netherlands have always amazed me of how open minded and accepting they are of other languages and cultures. Aruba belongs essentially to Netherlands, but Arubans can be white, black, Asian, and Hispanic and the mixture of all. Everybody speak Dutch, Papiamento, Spanish, and English. Papiamento is the local language of the ABC Islands. On FM101.7, I hear mostly Papiamento or Dutch but with a twist of Spanish and English. It’s amazing! I shouldn’t feel bad Mix and Matching Farsi/Swedish/English with some people, like my high school friend Nick. Who is flying in from Boston today for a few days.

Aruba is a relative flat small Island. Usually flat Islands have beautiful beaches. And along the long sandy beaches on the Northwestern side are all the hotels and plenty of good restaurants and bars.  

Since we arrived Aruba, the wind picked up and it has been blowing constantly 20-30kt. The predictions for the next seven days are the same, so Earthling will stay put here till the wind and waves come down before sailing to Colombia.

Love from Aruba


  1. Love Aruba be sure to go exploying in the caves

    1. We have a car for a few days so hopefully we get to the caves :-)

  2. Check out the Toraille waterfall...more off the beaten path. Have fun!

    1. Oh I didn't know there would be a waterfall here, will go there for sure, love waterfalls, Thanks

  3. You're sailing solo again?! That was a quick visit!

  4. Solo just for a few days, I got a friend joining for the passage to Colombia. Katherine is coming back in a month or so

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