Friday, March 23, 2012


Pascal and I
The past 10 days we have been busy assisting and taking care of Kelly. After coming back from the hospital with her foot in a cast, our first task was to find crutches. In Dominica resources are not as accessible as in the U.S., but once you find what you are looking for, it won’t cost you a fortune! We were sent to Pascal who runs an organization that helps elderly and under-privileged children. Pascal lent us crutches and did not accept any donation in monetary form. So I offered to do some volunteer work and he agreed to that. Last monday, I volunteered for CARE organization and it was a great experience working with the local Dominicans. Pascal suggested that Kelly keep the crutches till she gets back to the U.S and passes them on to someone else who needs them.  

Kelly's Cast
A couple days after the incident, we realized that the cast was too soft underneath the heel, right where it’s fractured. We went back to the clinic in Portsmouth and Dr. Hector personally reinforced the cast. Now the cast is strong and better than it was originally. She is flying out today from Melville Hall Airport here in Dominica. There is a sad and emotional ambience present on Earthling right now. I’m glad to have my friend Nico here for now so I don’t have to feel totally alone.  

I have not had time to write about the beautiful land of Dominica yet. We have done some activities here such as going on hikes in the rainforest, waterfalls, hot spring, and so forth. I will write about our adventure in Dominica in the next update.

Love from Portsmouth  


  1. Nice cast! :)


  2. So, what happen to her George?

  3. We applaud your volunteer day George!!! Hope all goes well while you are single-handing - know you will miss Kelly.

  4. Sorry to hear about the mishap. At least the health care was affordable from the sounds of it.