Friday, August 5, 2011

Time for another home

Time for Chicago visit has come to an end and another destination across the globe is waiting for my arrival.
There has been lots to do in the last six weeks in Chicago. The biggest task was to find someone to take over my business and luckily I did accomplish that within this short period of time.  Furthermore, my passport, driver's license, & residency card was expired and now they are all renewed. On top of that I did the sailing race from Chicago to Mackinac Island and delivered Joie De Vie back to Chicago. I also got an opportunity to fly in a helicopter for the first time with my friend Johnny Wanda last week. Johnny is a chopper pilot, he flew us from Kenosha to downtown Chicago and back. Flying in a helicopter is like being a bird. I never realized that you can fly really low with a helicopter. We were flying as low as the mansions on the lake front and lower than sears tower over Chicago. It was an amazing experience.

I have many friends & loved ones in Chicago and I have been socializing almost every night. Last night we had a go-away party and I got to see many friends. The last few days I have been very overwhelmed and slept very little. Right now I'm flying with Lufthansa airline to Frankfurt, luckily nobody is sitting next to me so I'm laying down on all three seats. There is a gentleman sitting in the middle isles, he is double my size and looks at me like he would love to trade seats. I should tell him I haven't slept for 40 hrs, maybe that makes him less envious. 

Earth is our home planet and within this big picture I have 3 permanent homes and a mobile home. I have lived equal amount of 12 years in each of the permanent homes and started living aboard Earthling a year ago. I was born in Tehran, Iran, grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden and been in Chicago the last 12 years.
As the child to my parents I have a duty to see and stay with them at least once a year. And now they live in Tehran, a place diverse from Chicago & the Caribbean. I will be spending time in the land of Persia for the next 2 months, longest ever since I was 12 yrs old. I will share my experiences with you and I'm hoping to share stories other than what we hear in the media. A more positive aspect of Iran.
Love from the skies over Germany

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