Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Road Trip

As many of you know by now, I love to travel. And I love to travel in a personal vehicle where I'm in charge of my direction and stops. Before I was a sailor I had the dream of driving around the world. I've had this dream since I was in my teens. And I have driven to and through many countries in my life so far. Nothing and nobody should stop one from dreaming!

Swedish Embassy in DC
My Swedish passport was expired on June 13th and that's the day I entered United States from the BVIs. In order to renew it I must go to the House of Sweden in Washington DC. And that is a great reason for a quick road trip and a visit to relatives in the east coast. The overnight passage from Chicago to Winchester, Virginia, took 16 hrs with 4 hours of sleep in the car. This is similar to an overnight passage on Earthling. But sailing 650 miles would taken 10 times longer. Driving and sailing is a form of meditation to me, sailing is more in tune with nature though.
This quick road trip was a great opportunity to give Varaminis in Winchester VA,  Lancaster PA, & Pittsburg PA, a fast visit. They always follow on my journeys and are very supportive. The east cost route is a regular route in my road trip calendar. I have driven this path more than handful times in the last 12 years.

Sunrise on Lake Michigan at the moment of return to Chicago
When I drive long distances alone, I get a chance to connect easier to higher self and channel new ideas and get answers to challenges in life. I think everybody needs to have self time on regular basis.
There will be other road trips on regular and new routes this summer. I will keep you updated.
Love from the Road

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