Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Small world

It's blowing 20-25 m/h and gusting up to 35. We decided to make a 25 mile passage from Sampson Cay to Cave Cay. The main sail is reefed and little jib rolled out. We are going as fast as 7 to 7.5 knots and Kelly is doing a great job behind helm.
The sounds of the wind and water is scary when you are getting ready for the passage but once you are out under sail you find the harmony and adapt to the circumstances. She is heeling on starboard and when the gust comes through the sails, she wants to go into the wind. I tell Kelly, "You have to hold the wheel firmly and if the gust is too strong, just fall off the wind."
For the first time after 9 days we took a hot shower which we hadn't even planned on having. Fortunately we discovered this beautiful safe haven harbor protected 360 degrees called Cave Cay. The charts said it was closed so we thought why not anchor in the bay. This place had a strange and magical feeling. Why are we the only boat here? Then we got a call on channel 16. A man with a Southern Texas-like accent informed us that there is no anchoring in the harbor, but they were open for business. So with the budget in mind we hadn't planned on paying for a night in the marina. But hey, you gotta go with the flow. We were already here. Steve greeted us at the dock. He looked serious but loving. A hard-working man in his 60's who had 3 very happy German Shepards by his side. We learned he has owned Cave Cay for nearly 16 years.

Making a paradise by word of mouth not your typical commercialized marina. He mentioned only 5 people (the ones workin for him) live on this island. We met 3. One being Hal a Swedish speaking Native American who approached us excitedly on his golf cart after we explored the island and it's views. Turns out he recognized the Swedish flag on Earthling. We chatted for a good amount of time in Swedish and got to know eachother a little bit. Later on that night he stopped by the boat with some Kalles Caviar which i have been craving for a long time. For those of you who don't
know what that is it's a caviar in a tube that is a very popular food in Sweden. What a small world.

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