Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rum Cay

We left our anchorage by Rum Cay at 1am to sail to a new beautiful place. A beautiful place like Rum Cay. Over the 4 days visit, we got to know and met almost all the population of the island. The population has decreased over the last few years from around 100 to about 60. The first day, we met the most important person on the island to us, Deloris. She runs Kaye's Bar & Restaurant, she is 79 yrs old, born on the Island and has been running the bar since Kaye was born 50 yrs ago. But most of all, Deloris is the happiest, loving, and welcoming soul you could ever meet. On the first day she served up some complimentary conch fritters with our ice cold beers. We established such a close relationship to Deloris, that into the second day I found myself behind the bar serving customers and washing dishes (our own dishes).
Later that night we joined in on a tradition Bahamian Rake-and-Scrape where the energy and sounds produced just resonate through your body. Everyone had instruments, which included everything from a big bass drum made from a garbage bin to a saw played with a butter knife, to cowbells. The locals were very eager for everyone to participate so when one of them put the bass drum around my neck I started to beat on it. While the music continued I could feel the endorphins being released in my body.
Before the night ended we were invited to their church, St. John's Baptist of Rum Cay. Deloris & her daughter Kaye picked us up the next morning at 10:45 by the Gov't Dock. Where we had to finish get dressed on the beach because we didn't want to get the church clothes wet on the dingy ride in. We hopped in the back of the pickup, our feet hanging off the back and went to church for the first time in a really long time. At the church we met the rest of the population we hadn't already met at the bar, including all the children. Afterwards they took us to a luncheon with tons of Bahamian food.
Rum Cay was our home for the time we were there, it will always hold a special place in out heart. And this is the beauty of life, to love and give to eachother unconditionally.
Let's look forward to the day where we all have this kind of life on every inch of our planet.
Love from Rum Cay

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