Saturday, March 12, 2011

George Town

We made it to my town, George Town in the great Exuma island in the Bahamas. George town is one of the best stops for cruisers. We entered G. Town at night and the anchorage field with all the anchor lights looked amazing. All cruisers get together here. There are so many activities to participate in. Channel 68 is for cruisers and everything is announced in the mornings from business deals to Dog Prades. Some cruisers come by here and never leave.

We have met a lot of people here. Kelly's uncle and his wife, Jim & Sharon are here from Florida. We are anchored right next to them and visit them everyday on their Catamaran, "Insatiable". We also got in touch with Scott & Brittany on Rasmus ( They are from Chicago also and they left Chicago on their boat at the same time as Earthling. We are so happy to meet other cruisers in our age group. We met 4 other boats with young couples sailing.

Kelly was supposed to fly out from George town few days ago. She was sad she had to go back to regular cold land life. But she made a huge decision to continue the adventure on Earthling. She simply put her job on hold in Chicago and stayed aboard. I'm glad I have a first mate for now and don't have to do this single handed.
Kelly & I decided to go with our middle names from now on. I'm Captain Reza sailing with first mate Bailey. Love from Earthling


  1. I was wondering if you might be interested in blogging a
    self-interview for a site I run called "Newly Salted". You may have already heard about it from Windtraveler. It is a
    companion site to the Interview With A Cruiser Project.

    The instructions and directions for the interview are here:

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    Cheers, Livia

  2. hi Captain Reza!

    I wish can be with you on the seas a day!

  3. Livia,
    I will do the interview on the site.