I would like to thank all of my friends who have been supporting me to make this dream come true. Without them I would not have been able to do this.

Special thanks to my sail/ racing friends Marty Hastings (may he rest in peace), Leon Rondenet and Roy Meister. Marty, Lee, and Roy have been helping me more than anybody else. We have accomplished many projects together. The biggest repair was the replacement of the four stringers. This project took between 3-6 winter months to accomplish. These gentlemen worked on the boat even when I was out of town for weeks at a time. They have donated all kinds of boat supplies, from an outboard engine to a spare anchor. I am always reminded of their support.

I would especially like to thank my friend Kaveh Navaian, for the financial support during the purchase of Earthling.  Also, many thanks to my other friends for financial and physical help:  Robert Eisenberg, Marko Lugaric, Nasser Jabbar, Dee shope, Ali Golzad, Perry James Tulk, Nick and Natalie Zarzour, Alex, Bill Van Berschot, David Oshinski, Marcin Ski, Kelly B. Dalton, Hamid Kootval, and Antonio and Ellen Sanpere.
Even though this adventure already started a while ago, Earthling is still in need of equipment and upgrades. I've been trying my best to make it work as is! Some of the equipment has been used till its last breath. The autopilot has always been a problem. I've been fixing it and it has worked for a little bit but now it has finally reached it's end. We have a new autopilot now purchase before the 3rd leg of the voyage. 

During the first (Chicago, IL-St. Petersburg, FL) and second leg (FLorida to Virgin Gorda, BVI) 8months total, the older equipment has come to the end of it's life. The list is long and some things are vital, especially for an Atlantic Passage planned for May 2013. 

I am thankful for everybody's support and contribution.