Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In this part of the world, it really feels like being in paradise. You can see the shadow of Earthling in the bottom of the ocean floor. It has been sunny and warm everyday and slightly cooler at nights. Kelly and I have anchored off Robert's Cay the first night and Norman's Cay the second & third night. Each approach to this untouched paradise has been more beautiful than the next.
The morning showers on a sailboat without fresh unlimited running water are a little different. You wash in the ocean then rinse with the freshwater solar shower every other day. The natural showers on the boat don't compare to your regular warm shower at home.

I enjoy to share this sailing experience with my friends. And everytime my friends and loved ones depart, it's very emotional. Ali & Sondra Golzad and Navid flew back to their land homes couple days ago. When you spend a longer period of time with people in a limited space, you get attached to them and your minds become very close to eachother. I am happy that Kelly is here and will be first mate for the time she stays.

When sailing, its fun to troll off the stern of the boat. Yesterday we caught another big fish (Red Grouper, I think). Now we have Mahi Mahi and Red Grouper fillets in the freezer. We have to finish eating some of that before I keep another fish.
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  1. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Earthling!! So happy we have connected - we are now friends for life! ;)

  2. Interested in blogging a self-interview??


    Cheers, Livia