Friday, January 11, 2013

Moving Forward

Prickly Bay
The more experience you gain the more you try to prepare and prevent. On a boat, projects are never ending, the lists are long, and they always need to be prioritized. During the last month I have worked the most on Earthling since I left Chicago. Every year she gets more equipped and ready. Most of the upgrades and repairs is now accomplished. Such as the waterline and blisters, installment of Windlass, overboard drainage and foot pump for the shower inside, strengthen the solar panels and wind generator, fixed leaks, installed a new control panel, new cutlass bearing, new faucet at  sink, through hull for saltwater with a small electric pump and filter, and many other small upgrades. Never in my life have I crimped so many wires, or installed numerous hoses and hose clamps, drilled tons of holes and screwed zillions of screws in all kind of abnormal places. All these physical labor made me realize that I might be suffering from  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A few days in a row, I would wake up with pain in my arms and with numb hands. It’s good to know so I don’t over due it next time.
Lofran Tigres Windlass
I’ve gone through tubes of 5200 sealant and silicone and epoxy and ran of screws and connectors several times. The experience gained from all these projects is priceless. I could stay here and work on Earthling for another several months, but I got to get moving!

Katherine joined Earthling on New Years Eve and since then we have been anchored in Prickly Bay, which is the busiest anchorage in Grenada. The weather has been unusual for this time of the year. It’s supposed to be dry season in the Caribbean but it has rained on and off almost every day, which put some work behind. We are looking for a weather window on Friday, today to make an overnight passage to Trinidad. You can check our crumb trail on spot connect. What’s in Trinidad? Well, Trinidadians are there and it’s a big island. I have heard less pleasant things about this Island, but I have been interested to see Trinidad for a long time. All the way down from Virgin Islands, locals have asked me if I’m from Trinidad! Now I’m interested to see why I look like a Trini. The distance is only 90 miles, so why not check it out. In addition, we are picking up a new crew member that is flying into Port Of Spain from Chicago.

The agenda for the 4th leg of Earthling adventure includes sailing west towards Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and further to Colombia and San Blas. We will most likely stop at a couple of Venezuelan Island groups, such as Blanquilla and Ros Roques. 
Just to refresh your memory, first leg of the voyage was from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico through a range of rivers (1300miles).
Second leg was from Florida to Virgin Islands through the Bahamas Islands, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.  
Third Leg was from Virgins Islands to Grenada through Leewards and Windwards, and now Earthling is ready for the fourth leg.  All I’m praying for is fair winds and good health for Earthling and the crew aboard.

Love from Prickly Bay  


  1. Good vibes to you George! I think you will enjoy Trinidad a lot :)

    1. Thanks for great vibes Britt, miss you & Isla, so happy I got to see Scott in Grenada. I like Trinidad already. Xo

  2. We are in chilly Boston reading your energetic post. Good luck with the up coming Leg.

    1. Happy to send good energy to you, thanks for following :-)

  3. You really were busy!!! Hopefully we will see you down the line somewhere!