Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A New Age

A boat on land is asleep and in water she is awake and alive. I feel liberated and alive on Earthling now. All the bottom jobs are finally over. I got intoxicated enough with fiber glass debris, anti-fouling paint, thinner, acetone, and mesquite bites.  The first day in water had a few special highlights. Well, I got a spot right up front the boat yard on the new dock. There are only two docks to tie up at Grenada Marine and only two to four boats can stay tied up at the time. I was lucky to get the “Presidential spot” as I referred to it in my previous venture. In Valet Parking business in Chicago, there were always guest that wanted their cars parked upfront. These were customers that usually had nice cars, Porches, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Benz, and BMW. Additionally, these customers knew the right person and usually dropped at least a Jackson for the presidential spot in front of the establishment. Earthling might not be a Ferrari but certainly my Mercedes :-) She will stay at the dock here till most of the other projects are accomplished!

The other highlight was the Christmas party at the boat yard. A whole pig was roasting on the fire throughout the day and everybody indulged themselves with great food and drinks the entire evening, thanks to Jason Fletcher and the staff at Grenada Marine.
Watchie and his family
Eric & Jackie Aborad "Makai"
Andy & Marius
Raquel and Mrs Oliver Burris

Furthermore, December 22nd was a special day according to many ancient calendars. The calendars such as the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, and others were more in tune with the universe and our solar system. Unfortunately today, most citizens of Earth don’t really have a clear understanding of this age transformation. Which makes sense, it happens every 3150 years and it’s not like Christmas or New Years that would come around every year throughout our life. Some might know this date as the end of the world, we know for sure that nothing ended! But the world as we know it will change in a rapid pace in our life times.
The planet earth goes through a new age every 3150 years. At the end and beginning of each age, the planet and it’s citizens go through a rapid change. Till December 21st 2012, we lived in the age of Pieces, which is referred to as the age of Darkness. During Pieces a vail has been covering the truth and only a fraction of the truth has been revealed. As of Dec 22nd, we entered the age of Aquarius, which is supposed to be the age of enlightenment. Humanity is becoming enlightened and entering a new dimension gradually. I feel very lucky and happy to be alive and part of these transition. Let’s look forward brighter days to come in the near future.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Age

Love from Grenada    


  1. I love your views and insights George! Happy you are back with Earthling on the water and BRING ON THE AGE OF AQUARIUS! Happy New Age to all of us! xo

    1. I'm so happy to be back and find my peace on Earthling. I miss you and Isla, saw Scott last week and going to see him in a few days again. Thanks Britt xo

  2. Sounds like you are in exactly the right place at the exact right time & life is all about timing as we know it so lucky you - Go Georgie Go! I look forward to spending the beginning of our New Age with you on Earthling while kicking off the 2013 New Year on the same island we were both seen last on! Sweet kisses to you! Xoxo

  3. Happy New Age from this Aquarius girl!