Sunday, February 9, 2014

Coco Heaven

Gorgidup Dummat, San Blas

Coconuts are everywhere in the Caribbean, from Florida Keys to the rainforest in Dominica. But in this part of the Caribbean, San Blas, there are more coco palms than most it combined. All the deserted islands in San Blas are covered by palm trees of all sizes. I have never been in such a coco paradise. This fruit has been the major commodity for Kunas and they have been trading it with Colombians for centuries. Therefore, coconuts have been a sacred fruit and it's more or less forbidden by outsiders to help themselves with a nut on the ground. Katherine and I were talking about how weird it is that we are in the Coconut Heaven but can't have any of it! Consequently, I had a dream! They caught me because I took a coconut. I was in trouble, but confident that I could protect my rights as a citizen of Earth. In a conference with the Kuna chiefs, I presented that I respect their culture and understand how significant coconuts have been in their history. However, as a guest, visitor, or someone that is just passing through and find themselves thirsty or hungry, and there are coconuts on the ground, then, that should be the least amount of a gift offered to a guest. Most people that pass through don't carry a Machete to open a coconut and most wouldn't clime the trees anyway. If they are willing to do that, then they should be allowed to.  After that conversation, Kuna chiefs made a new statement that visitors can help themselves with coconuts for immediate indulgent but absolutely for no commercial use. And then, I woke up, heard someone outside the boat, went to the cockpit and saw a father and a son. They handed over two coconuts and said “Regalo” (gift)!

Love from Coconut Heaven 

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