Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pictures - Worth More Than A Thousands Words

Earthling has been surrounded with great energy and people throughout the last week which has contributed to some strong bondage between friends and memories that will last forever. The highlights started in Marigot Bay and carried on to Anse le Raye, St. Lucia where the three boats, “Tua Tua”, “Zero to Cruising”, and Earthling had a secluded anchorage for themselves. This is very unique because it is difficult to find a bay with no other boats but those of your friends.
Secluded Anchorage

A friend of mine, Katherine flew in from the U.S and joined Earthling. The seven of us attended a local Fish Friday event on the beachfront where our boats were aligned. The following day Nico’s visit was up and he flew back to Chicago after staying on Earthling for two months.
Katherine's first day, still pale!

Nico enjoyed the last day to the maximum

In order to experience more of what the island has to offer, “the new gang” took a short hike to a beautiful waterfall close to Anse le Raye which was liberating. Along the way different trees provided us with tropical fruits as snack such as mango, sugar cane, cacao, coconut, grapefruit, orange, lime, and plantains.
Mike sharing Cacao fruit! The big machete and the smile are somehow frighting
Katherine taking a fresh natural shower
Pontus is carving the Calabash and making bowls for us as the ladies are day dreaming!

After the stay in Anse le Raye, it was time for Tua Tua to sail North back to Rodney bay to haul out their boat for the season and head home to Sweden. From here ZTC and Earthling continued to sail South over to Soufrier and the Pitons where we prepare ourselves for one of the most challenging hikes of the Caribbean, Petit Piton.
Approaching the Pitons! Spectacular view!
Yesterday, Mike, Rebecca, Katherine and I climbed 2500 feet to the top of Petit Piton. The climb to the top of this mountain has become one of my favorite and most challenging hikes ever. Not to mention it is also considered one of the hardest hikes in all of the Caribbean. Next time I climb a vertical incline like this, gloves would definitely be part of the gear! Attached are many of the pictures highlighting the last week. As the expression, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words,” I hope the following photos help justify how lucky we all are.

Party Toes before we went to Fish Friday!
Nico fractured his finger while anchoring. Not good!
It says Earthling on Nico's Toes!
Petit Piton view from the anchorage

Climbing through holes and boulders, Katherine is wondering why she has to this!

The View of Gros Piton from Petit Piton
View from the top of the Piton! The small dot next to the mega yacht at the bottom is Earthling!

May 1st id Labor day in St. Lucia and a holiday. Locals are partying on the beach and the charter cat!

In a few minutes the sails will be hosted and Earthling will heading toward St. Vincent.

Love from St. Lucia


  1. This is another great post. The hike sounds and look beautiful and fun.