Saturday, June 25, 2011

Land life

It has been 10 days since we got back to land life in the windy city. The first couple of days I felt lost. There is so much activity and energy around at all the time. You hear lots of noises in a big city. The sounds of combustion engines from cars and buses gets topped off by the police, ambulance, & fire truck sirens 24/7. First time my father visit Chicago 10 years ago, he woke up in the morning & told me to turn on the news because he thought something must been up last night. He heard ambulances and police sirens last night. I said; dad, welcome to Chicago, you will get used to it, and soon you will not even realize it.  
I think, the sirens in big cities puts people in a subconscious plane of fear. Fear factor is a driving force in our world right now, when we fear, we are being controlled easier and we consume more, a perfect approach for a capitalistic system. 

It's almost impossible to reach the tranquility we have on water on land. I already miss the peaceful and non stressful life on water. On water, my "stress" is; the wind direction and it's strength, a good anchorage, if the anchor is set properly, are the batteries charged, and what am I going to make for dinner? The stress on land is time, time and time. I drive fast to get to work on time, no time to make food, no time to do laundry, no time to step out of our daily routine, no time for self, no time for friends, we don't have time because we work all the time. On water, time don't really exist. On water there are two times, daytime and nighttime. Regularly, we have to be anchored before night time and we have to set sail to next port as soon as it's daytime. It seems like on land there is not enough time and on water there is abundance of time. 
I love Chicago and I am really good at living the land life, that's what I've done most my life anyways, but I prefer to live on water. 
Love from Land

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