Wednesday, June 1, 2011

British Virgin Islands

This leg of the adventure is ending in a beautiful part of Paradise. The British Virgin Islands are absolutely breathtaking. There are many great anchorages around these islands and lots to see.

We have only 10days left before Earthling is hauled out for the hurricane season and then we have to go back to Chicago and work and deal with land life until mid October.
We spent last weekend in Jost Van Dyke racing on our friend's boat "Cayennita Grande".
Tony is super competitive and knows sailing well. He can read the wind, waves, current, where he applies different tactics and he has a great racing boat. We came in first place in all the races. We got a few prizes, one of which is a fishing pole. It's so interesting that certain things we lost a few weeks ago are slowly getting replaced from various sources.

This part of the world is unique.
There are 8-10 major islands and some of them are under U.S territory and some are British. The people in  these islands look very similar and their cultures are close as well. Yesterday we were in St. John (US) and we were picking up roaming cell network from Tortola (British), now we are in Tortola and have AT&T. Last time I was in this area I had to pay crazy charges for international roaming, it's insane, maybe this is a loophole phone companies love! You also have to check out with immigration from BVI if you are going to USVI even if it's for few hours. And then you have to check in when you come back to the BVI and pay another fee. I just don't understand why we have to have these political and economical borders.  I think it's wrong and it's time to change it.
What make better sense,  is if all the network infrastructures in the world could be combined under system and our cell phones could work everywhere without us worrying about roaming. I am also looking forward to the day that the whole planet is covered with wifi network free of charge. Some people might think that one cell company covering the world would be monopoly! Yes thats true, but by the time we have one network covering the planet, our economical system will be different. The economical system existing on our planet today limits us from growth. The monetary system was good in the past but not anymore. The monetary system is wasting 60-80% of our resources on the planet. And I believe this system will collapse in the near future and hopefully a better economical system will take place.
My dear reader, we will discuss the economical issue more and more on this blog as we go.
We are in Nanny Cay right now and it's sunny with a little breeze and a little too hot. The heat is slightly uncomfortable. Last night we decided to go for a dinghy ride to cool down. We left empty handed and came back with 2 big bags of groceries free of charge! As we were rowing under this tiny bridge, in the marina, a couple standing on the bridge said hello to us. They recognized us and remembered Earthling because we were rowing. We have not put the outboard on the dinghy since Dominican Republic over a month a ago. We haven't needed the outboard to get to shore and haven't done long distance dinghy exploring. Rowing is good exercise and not using the outboard is equal to saving natural resources.
Last night we end up walking with the couple we met on the bridge toward the boat they chartered. We went aboard to see the boat and since they were headed back to the US, they offered us to take all the groceries that they would have had to leave. What a beautiful world!
Thanks for reading
Love from the BVI

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