Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Every anchorage is home for the time

Time has come to an end for the Everglades. Earthling is getting ready for the next passage. I'm leaving around midnight heading toward Marathon (63 miles) or Key West (72 miles) dependent on the wind. The wind is south right now and supposed to shift to south west after midnight.
Lee is coming over in couple hours to guide me out of the channel. I have to leave when the tide is up, which is 1am. Lee is such a great friend, he has been driving his boat out everyday to check on me and give me ride to shore. Lee & Linda have been gracious host. Few days ago Lee's daughter Jennifer and her husband Jason were down here visiting. They were out fishing and caught 4 trouts. I fillet 2 of them, we had a great meal meanwhile we watched the bears winning.

Every anchorage is home for the time. I will miss the quietness in this anchorage. You don't hear any man made sound, it's only the sound of nature. You hear the dolphins' breath, the pelicans diving in the water, and the fish jumping in and out, and today I heard and saw Sharks. I will miss Everglades National Park and I will miss Lee.


  1. Everglades City & Chokoloskee are the way Naples used to be, great place to visit frendly people.