Monday, January 17, 2011

Everglades National Park anchorage

I woke up this morning from the noise of a motorboat around the boat. I got up and looked out and it was the guide on the canoe sightseeing boat. He wanted to check if I need anything. Thanks for stopping by, Im good, I said. All the tourist on the boat were so excited to waive, I then realized; Earthling has been a tourist attraction the last couple of days. I'm referred to as: "The guy on the sail boat from Chicago anchored in Rabbit Key", that's how Lee introduces me to all their friends.
Yesterday the park ranger that gave me a warning notice referred to me the same way to his colleague. Here in the middle of nowhere, I'm running the outboard on the dinghy for the first time since Chicago. I see a boat coming toward me very slowly. When he got close I realized it was the National park ranger and he had an engine failure. He raft up to the dinghy and his colleague showed up few minutes later. I end up getting a violation notice for not having a registration for a motorized dinghy and no life vest. As long as it doesn't cost me anything it's ok.

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