Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another French Island

Fort de France

Sometimes we forget where we come from! A few days ago, we sailed to Martinique from Dominica and the difference bewildered us. The slight culture shock was unavoidable. During the stay in Dominica, the world changed its concept in our minds. It was a place without banks or expressways. It had roads that you could walk or bike on, and people were not in a hurry! Martinique is a reality check and a reminder of the urban social structure.

The second day in Martinique we found Wifi and worked on the blog while people passing by looked at us suspiciously for sitting on the ground! At the grocery store in St. Pierre, I was asked by the security guard to open the back pack so he could inspect it as he showed me a sign in French that apparently said “No back packs in the store”! You automatically feel insulted when accused of something you haven’t done! Furthermore, the ambulance and police sirens are unnecessarily loud and you get the fear factor from them right away! It makes one wonder if there is more crime here or in Dominica?

When we started walking around the small streets in Fort de France, the banks more than anything else captured our attention. They are everywhere! Why do we have so many and what is their actual purpose? There are two sides of the coin! One major role is to keep the citizens of the planet in control. Banks are tyranny and work as an autocracy, all managed by the same individuals. In the modern society we all are slaves to the banking world as our lives and the incentives we procure are controlled by them. Almost all the citizens of the world are connected to the banking structure with a credit/ATM/Visa card and it would be impossible to live without it. We are so attached and programmed by this that it’s unfeasible to imagine it any other way. It’s time for a change and to improve the current monetary system. On the flip side, the banking infrastructure today could be the base for a better needed system in the future! This topic is broad and can not be discussed in one paragraph!    
Waterfall in Didier
All that aside, I like the French Islands! They are European and more developed than the other West Indies. The roads are more solid and you don’t see many potholes in the middle of major streets. Cars are newer and public transportation vehicles are air-conditioned and have timetables! Foremost, I like the French Islands for their great food; cheese, sausage, wine, baguettes, and pastries. The French culture is close to the Persian and Swedish. The Persians were under the influence of the French for a period of time, therefore there are French words in the Farsi vocabulary such as “Merci” which is commonly carried. Contrary, the language barrier challenges me and I wish I could speak French.

Fort de France is the biggest city in the windward Islands. Petite storefronts are all over downtown and we are only 3 minutes rowing distance to shore. The view of homes build on the hill side is eye catching. In the last couple of days, we got the chance to hike in the nature of Martinique to the waterfalls in Didier. The hike was different as we had to walk through a couple of tunnels. The second one was tricky, dark, and needed a flashlight. We walked on a large pipe to the other side. It was wet and slippery in places and the hand rail was missing, if you fell down, you would be in deep mud! We have been to many water falls along the Earthling journey. All waterfalls are different and unique. They are breathtaking and a perfect place for soothing the spirit. The Cascade in Didier is one of the tallest and definitely worth the visit. 
Houses on the Hill, Fort de France

In a few minutes, we will be sailing to Anse D’ Arlet, which is famous for its turtles.

Love from Martinique
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  1. You are right behind Mike and Rebecca! They went to Didier the other day and walked through that same pipe tunnel - there was a HUGE bat in there when they went and they walked through with it flying about their heads. I couldn't have done that!

    1. We been right behind them since St. Kitts and sometimes we are in the same spot for a while together. Yesterday, we sail into St. Anne Bay and suddenly "Zero to Cruising" is there and I thought they would be in Marin! :-)

  2. George makes sure that we do this stuff first so that we can tell him how to avoid falling in the mud. :)