Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If you are looking to visit a place deserted, quiet, with beautiful beaches and without many resorts, restaurants, and shops, then you should come to Barbuda. It’s difficult to get here on a Boeing 747, but you can sail here on a boat or take a small airplane from Antigua. Our friends on “Zero to Cruising” and us, sailed from Antigua to Barbuda on one tack and made a 26 mile distance in less than 5 hours. This passage was fast and pleasant. Additionally, we trolled in 2 delicious fish, which we are still not sure what kind they are. It is always delightful to make passages and cruise with another boat.
Mike and Rebecca are really fun to cruise with. They areadventurous and in tip-top shape for hiking and other activities. Last time we cruised with another couple, it was with our friends Scott and Brittany, on Rasmus (Windtraveler) in the D.R., April of last year. 

This Island reminds me of the Bahamas because it is flat and has a low population. Only 1,300 people live on approx. 80-100 square miles with the highest point of the Island, just 125 feet. In a four hour hike from Cocoa point to Spanish point, we did not see any human beings. The only earthlings we crossed paths with, were a donkey, flocks of frigate birds, and lizards. Barbuda is known to have many donkeys, horses, and deer, free roaming and their poop and tracks are evident everywhere. Frigate birds have the greatest wing span in proportion to their body weight compared to any other bird, but they can not walk or can’t take off if submerged.

The land on Barbuda is the common wealth of its inhabitants and there is no personal land ownership. Just the way it should be for the rest of the world. The land on our planet belongs to the people of earth and no human should claim ownership by possessing it. Possessions come from ego, control, and greed. We all must cleanse ourselves from those values and characteristics in order to be able to go further in civilization. We are only borrowing this land and we are responsible to take care of it during our life cycle. With the right values, we all should be able to visit or live wherever we desire and no government should be allowed to stop us from that. I am fortunate to live that way and I am hoping that everyone would be able to live freely in any part of the world one day.

Love from Barbuda

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