Sunday, November 13, 2011

Protestant Cay Anchorage

The boardwalk in Christiansted. 

It has been raining on and off for the past few days, which put us behind on our deck work. But it's all good, there is plenty of work to do inside. I made new shelving and connected some new instruments such as a battery monitor and fixed the oven and so forth. Kelly has been sewing new pillows and canvas storage pockets. This non-commercial mooring field we are in is wonderful! It's right in front of the boardwalk, protected by an island, & has great water circulation. It's 8-10 ft deep and you can see the bottom. Last night the full moon was reflecting off the ocean floor. 
This is one of the cleanest mooring fields in front of a big city in the Caribbean so far that we've experienced. Although, things will still grow on the bottom of your boat. Not so much on Earthling, but lots on the boats around. Tony has been letting us use this mooring for the time we are here. On the north side of where we are is Seaborne Airlines,  seaplane landing strip. On the east we have the little island of Protestant Cay, with a hotel and bar on it, and on the south is the town of Christiansted. 

Full Moon over the beach
 at Protestant Cay.

Kelly describes our life here in a poem: 

With a full moon as my only light,
Reflecting off the ocean floor,
My deep thoughts are about this beautiful world. 
We only know but one. 
On land these thoughts mean nothing. 
The soft whispering breeze running across every little hair on my body,
so warm and comfortable. 
Why can't we all experience this?
The peaceful rocking of the boat at anchor, 
swaying back and forth.
As you close your eyes it makes you feel a weightlessness. 
The sounds of the calm land breeze, sweeping across us,
Making harmonious music between halyards on the main and ripples in the water. 
I'm at peace within. 
The lights from afar on shore twinkle, 
But not as good as the stars. 
In and out, on and off.
Love from Protestant Cay

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  1. A beautiful poem, Kelly. We hope to see you both soon, but I think St. Croix will be a December trip for us. Love, Linda & Chris