Saturday, October 23, 2010

The mast is up!

The last couple of days we have done so much work on Earthling. The mast is up and rigged, radar dome is installed, wired and is working, the wiring for Sonar is connected, the bow pulpit is fixed and few other things. I feel like Lee & Roy are the maintenance team! Originally they were supposed to come here and go down Kentucky lake with me but since the mast collapsed on deck last week, it was a sign to get it up! After we raised the mast on Thursday, we left the marina and anchored in a cove off Kentucky lake. The best anchorage place so far, we had our own little space there. There were few campers and tents on the shore and many people came on their little fishing boats and fished there. 
We actually caught 4 different fish yesterday and today.  I have not been fishing since I was 14-16 years old! Few years ago! :-) Yesterday I caught a big Cat fish and today I caught a Stripper! One of Lee's hobbies is fishing, he lives down in Florida 3 months a year and is fishing all the time. Being with him was a great opportunity for me to learn and get into my fishing mode!
I just dropped Lee and Roy at shore, they left an hour ago and I'm solo again. Hopefully in few days couple other friends of mine will join me. Now, before it gets too late I have to sail away and find another cove to anchor in!        

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